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CeFPro’s September newsletter brings you insights on IBOR transition, business continuity from BNYMellon, liquidation and repo markets from Credit Agricole, plus several free* to attend virtual events on financial crime, third party risk, liquidity risk and more…feel free to share with your colleagues.


Global Fraud & Financial Crime Virtual Event

​​​​Global Fraud and Financial Crime Virtual Event
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September 15-17, from 10am ET, hear from over 15 senior industry presenters and interact with 300+ attendees. Complimentary passes available to all attendees from regulated financial institutions. Register to attend one day or more by clicking here.

FinTech Leaders

Non-Financial Risk Leaders 2021 Research Survey
Closing this month - Have you added your voice?
Covering a range of sub-categories of Non-Financial Risk, this year's survey will provide all end-users with a complimentary report covering; business requirements, investment priorities, benefits, challenges and opportunities. In addition the final findings will give detailed insights into costing, implementation, customer service, adaptability of key solution providers and more.
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Liquidation and repo markets
What a difference a year makes – Looking at the liquidity and repo markets going forward
There is no question that the events of last September spooked the market... After the Fed stepped in with a backstop, it took some time to reassure market participants that the official sector was committed to ensuring stable markets....

Oskar RoggHead of TreasuryCredit Agricole

KYC/CDD – How to fuel your AML program with better data and analytics
Listen to the discussion with NICE Actimize and Celent now
The growing wave of digitalization is transforming the financial services industry and adding pressure to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) teams. Listen to this discussion with NICE Actimize and Celent to learn how to counteract common data challenges, simplify data architecture to break down data siloes, and build a strong AML foundation to prevent compounding impacts on your overall KYC-AML program.

Business continuity
Developing business continuity and incident response plans for damage limitation in a loss event
The pandemic has forced all but the most essential in-house staff to work remotely. While there is uniform IT protocol for all of our offices (i.e. firewalls), the same cannot be said about each employees’ or vendor staff home internet.

Alpa InamdarHead of Third Party Governance AdvisoryBNY Mellon

Identifying beneficial owners just got easier
Find ultimate owners in a snap with Nexis Diligence
Enhance visibility into hidden connections that may expose you to financial crime, bribery, or corruption risk. Our all-in-one due diligence solution, Nexis Diligence, now includes Dun & Bradstreet® UBO data on millions of global businesses & commercial entities, so you can easily uncover hidden beneficiaries quickly. 

The ARRC’s progress to date and priorities going forward in the transition
The ARRC’s primary concern is about legacy contracts that do not have legally viable or commercially reasonable language to deal with the end of LIBOR. Further, for many cash products, it is quite challenging to amend fallback language post-issuance, as doing so generally requires 100% of noteholder consent.
Tom WipfVice Chairman of Institutional Securities, Morgan Stanley / Chairman, ARRC

Why choose bespoke ALM instead of a “best of breed” approach
Bespoke ALM: treating ALM customization as an artTM

Bespoke asset liability management systems are suddenly all the rage, especially at a time when senior management and internal risk managers are requiring more analyses and stress testing assumptions. Discover the art of ALM, and why choosing bespoke ALM customization instead of a “best of breed” approach can help your institution as it evolves.

Client experience
Establishing a mature client experience practice as part of the digital transformation strategy
It is not sufficient to merely monitor processes and mitigate potential break points. Customer experience as a discipline is much more impactful when it looks to find solutions to help clients achieve their goals, by understanding their expressed or deducted needs
Martin LangeDirector, Client Experience Strategy, BNY Mellon

Fraud & Financial Crime Congress

Global Virtual Fraud & Financial Crime Congress

September 15-17 @ 10-2pm (ET).

Key topics include: Internal Fraud, Application Fraud, Push Payment Fraud, AI and more.

Register for the 3 day Congress here

Free to all from registered financial institutions.



​September 22 @ 10am-2pm (ET) 

Key topics being addressed include; Transition, Global Rates, Impact of Change, Model Risk Management Preparedness and more

Register for the 1 day Forum here

Free to all from registered financial institutions.

Global Virtual Risk Americas Convention

Global Virtual Risk Americas Convention

Taking place September 23-25 @ 10am-2pm (ET) 

The four individual workstreams of this event will focus on: Innovation in Risk Management, Non-Financial Risk and Resilience, Market Trends and Financial Risk and Model Risk Management.

Register for the 3 day Convention here

Free to all from registered financial institutions.

Global Vendor and Third Party Risk Congress

Global Vendor and Third Party Risk Congress

October 6-8 @ 10am-1pm (ET).

Key topics include: TPRM, Resilience, Regulation, Technology, Outsourcing, Cloud technology and more.

Register for the 3 day Congress here

Free to all from registered financial institutions.

Optimising liquidity through emerging technologies in a post-pandemic world

Optimising liquidity through emerging technologies in a post-pandemic world 

Key topics include: Data, AI, Intraday Liquidity, Liquidity Frameworks, Predicting Short-Medium Term Liquidity

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Pool Party – Modelling low default portfolios with a pooling approach

Key topics include: Internal Models, Supervisory Practice, Implementing Pool Models, IRB Portfolios, Data and more.  

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