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Risk Insights Newsletter | September 2019 Edition | Issue 58.


Risk Insights: Edition 58 | September 2019
Top stories
Featured articles include:

  • Technology Service Providers and the Road to the Vendor Management Dashboard by James McPherson, Director, Credit Agricole CIB;
  • Launching a New Business Successfully by Azlina Wetmore, Head of Commercial Credit Policy and Innovation, Capital One; and
  • Third Party Risk: Chasing Maturity in a Dynamic Landscape - Executive Summary by Aravo and CeFPro.

CeFPro has developed a comprehensive research methodology that incorporates feedback from an international team of independent experts (The FinTech Advisory Board) and asks for feedback from a global community of over 100,000 finance, technology, operations, risk and compliance professionals from the financial services industry.

FinTech Leaders research and reports are debunking the key market trends, priorities and challenges; and also ranking and awarding the top financial technology suppliers in a wide range of categories. Add your voice to the 2020 research and receive a complimentary copy of the final report.

XBRL: Digital Financial Reporting
Risk Insights articles and resources
"When it comes to the question of outsourcing, the biggest point of discussion should be: Build or Buy? In other words: “Do we believe we can do it better?” The prevalent answer of banks would be, “Yes, of course we can do it better”. This confidence and lack of willingness to partner in the past translated into a mediocre customer experience."

Interview with Rinse Jacobs, Head of Strategic Partnerships, solarisBank.


"...Brexit will not be as big of an issue in practice as the press and the politicians think it is – just like life, business finds a way. We are already in a world where countries are pursuing their individual interests and for the time being we have, I believe, seen the high water mark of international co-operation."

Insights from Brandon Davis, Non-executive Director, Obillex Limited.


"While machine learning and AI are technologies often dissociated from human thinking, they are always based on algorithms created by humans. And like anything created by humans, these algorithms are prone to incorporating the biases of their creators. These biases can take a number of forms. In this case, we are talking specifically about the unfair treatment of individuals who are part of a protected group, such as a particular race or gender."

Insights from Sray Agarwal, Specialist – Data Science & AI, Publicis Sapient.


Filmed panel discussion from 2018's IFRS 17 Forum, hear insights from: James Orr, Chief Actuary - Head of Department, PRA, Bank of England | Jo Clube, TRG Member, Group Technical Accounting Director, Aviva | Asif John, Managing Director, AMJ Global Solutions | Andreas Huthmann, Managing Partner, FAS.


"There are two aspects to focus on as we head towards the potential phase out of LIBOR; first, is the market comfortable that such an event is accounted for in the stock of existing legacy products across asset classes that are linked to LIBOR and mature beyond the potential phase out date at the end of 2021? Second, is the market capable of writing all new business linked to the new RFRs in the absence of LIBOR?"

Interview with Sebastien Cross, UK Rates Strategist, Bank of America.


"The last ten years has seen a whole raft of regulatory requirements impact financial services firms. This has driven resourcing and prioritization and has undoubtedly improved risk management capabilities across the sector. However, the key challenge in the next ten years will be to ensure these are effective and incorporate any firm-specific vulnerabilities."

Article by Andrew Turvey, Head of Treasury Risk & Compliance, Clydesdale Bank.

Download a copy of our white paper; Harnessing Risk Management. An exploration of the latest thinking around business risk, addressing specific issues faced by financial services firms, such as the high degree of regulatory scrutiny and the wide spectrum of potential problems they face because of their role at the centre of the economy.

In this white paper from NICE Actimize, you’ll learn why AML and anti-fraud are beginning to converge, and how you can avoid the main challenges. This paper discusses why it’s time to move to real-time inbound payment profiling, and how to successfully do this while avoiding major AML issues.

Research surveys and reports
Assessing the current state of software implementations for management of the following NFRs: Operational risk; Financial crime risk; Third-party risk; Technology risk; Conduct risk; and Model risk.


The report builds on last year’s research and is an invaluable resource to benchmark your programs against your peers, drive investment conversations within your organization, and instill best practice approaches within your program. This report is available free of charge to participants and the wider third-party risk community to support education and benchmarking.


This report aims to provide an insight into the emerging best practices in managing third-party cyber risk, with a strong focus on:
Tools | Technologies | Approaches | Budget and decision-making | Executive oversight | Future direction and more. In partnership with BitSight.


The 2019 FinTech Leaders Report established a new paradigm; expanding on the interrelationship of technology companies, financial services firms and financial services solution providers. Traditional business lines are blurring and this report provides some clarity to the uncertainty and confusion in the industry, establishing new definitions and segmentation of the industry, including 21 Category Rankings and the Top 50 Company Rankings…

Why not take part in our FinTech Leaders 2020 research? Find out more here!

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24 September, 2019 | London

Reviewing the latest IFRS 17 trends including finalising plans, timelines and implementation

25 September, 2019 | London

Exploring the latest FRTB updates including modelling, data management and implementation


14-15 October, 2019 | London

Strategic relevance of technology and innovation and practical implementation in financial services


5 November | London

Reviewing the latest trends & challenges surrounding LIBOR transition and the adoption of alternative reference rates.


12-13 November, 2019 | London

Keeping up with emerging trends and utilising stress testing as a tool for driving strategic business decisions


14 November, 2019 | London

Reviewing guidance and requirements for new digital financial reporting standards


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9-10 June 2020 | London

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